Board of Directors & Committees

Board of Directors:

President, Teniell Jocumsen

Vice President, Ken Gordon

Director of Administration, Susie Turner

Director of Finance, Cameron Buchanan

Club Captain (Director of Lifesaving), Murray Neal

Director of Junior Activities, Izzy Topper

Director of Member Services, Brett Fischer


Lifesaving Commitee:

Chief Training Officer: Sharnah Bowen

First Aid: Bob Coulton

UAV Officer: Charlton Hawkins

IRB Officer:  Ian Hamilton


Fundraising & Sponsorship Committee:

Fundraising Coordinator, Julie Cummings

Assistant Fundraising Coordinator, Rosemary Fisher

Sponsorship Coordinators, Laura Proctor & Troy Draman


Nippers Commitee:

Junior Activities Director, Izzy Topper

Assistant Junior Activities Co-Ordinator, Kia Schubert

Secretary, Petrina Bryce

Recorder, Teniell Jocumsen

Nipper First Aid Officer, Fay Akers

Carnival Team Manager, Stacey Doyle

Water Safety Coordinator, Justin Bryce & Ben Schubert

Fundraising, Clarissa Pike & Laura Proctor

Clothing/Unfirm Officer, Jo Taylor

Gear Steward, Dave Taylor

Sprint & Flags Coach, Tex Milroy

Board Coach, Corey Topper & Dave Taylor