About Nippers

Welcome to Cabarita Beach Nippers at Cabarita Beach Surf Life Saving Club. We have a vibrant, dedicated and dynamic Junior Club. Our vision is to provide a safe, friendly and welcoming environment where both Nippers and Parents can interact and enjoy the benefits of being active at the beach and learn about surf life-saving. Nippers is a great way for kids to not only to learn how to identify dangers on the beach and in the surf but also how to stay safe when they are at the beach.

We provide an extensive program at both a recreational and competitive level including numerous options to develop skills through training and competition.


Nippers is run entirely by volunteers. Many hands make light work so join us and make a difference to our community and our kids. Like any Club, our future is our youth.

​​The minimum age for a child to join nippers is 5 years (U6) up to a maximum of 13 years (U14). The age for the season is determined as of midnight on the 31 October  at the commencement of that season.

All nippers must have at least one parent as a member of the club. You can add new family members online, but email their birth certificates to registrar@cabaslsc.org.au.

Pool Swim Evaluation

All nippers must complete pool swim evaluation. If you are in swimming lessons your certified swim coach can sign this off, please find form on the ‘Quick Download’ link below.

If you are not in swimming lessons, you will need to contact one of the local pools to see if you can book in to get this done.  We will also be holding 2 Pool Proficiency days at Kingscliff TRAC Pool on 30th October.  We encourage parents to get the forms completed prior to these dates so as to limit numbers of people at the pool.

Ocean Swim Evaluation

All nippers from Under 9’s & above are also required to complete an ocean swim proficiency if they plan on competing at Carnivals.  Ocean swim proficiency’s will be on the first few weekends of Nippers & run throughout the season.

All Nippers: you must have completed your pool evaluation and paid your membership fees before you head to the beach. No exceptions. You also must bring your pink rashie/singlet and nipper cap

If you have any questions, please contact us at: juniors@cabaslsc.org.au

Thank you to our Major Sponsors of the Junior Program.