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Registrations Now Open through Members Area (Step by step instructions)

As with everything COVID related at the moment, we are thinking positively & proceeding on the basis that we will have an awesome season!!! As a Club, we have a policy of not refunding memberships however, if the season is cancelled & cannot commence due to COVID, we will refund your Nipper membership fee less a $30 per person Administration Fee (this covers the capitation fee we pay to SLSNSW). Please note though, WE ARE NOT ABLE TO REFUND ANY ACTIVE KIDS VOUCHERS (if you redeem these towards your membership payment

  • Please refer to the Junior Summary document here for important dates & information for our upcoming season.
  • All members MUST complete a Proficiency Swim assessment. We encourage all Nippers to have their Pool Proficiency assessment completed by their regular accredited swimming instructor so as to limit the number of people attending the Kingscliff TRAC Pool Proficiency days.
  • New members MUST provide documentation (passport, birth certificate) confirming date of birth. Please email to
  • All payments MUST be made at time of registration.
  • Registrations MAY NOT be accepted if enrolment numbers are reached.
  • If you have a fob, you will need to download & sign the form here & email it to to have the fob reactivated
  • If you have a locker, you will need to download & sign the form here & email it to to maintain use of the locker
  • As part of the registration process you have the opportunity to redeem a NSW Active Kids Voucher for each under-18 Cabarita Beach SLSC member.
    • These vouchers can be redeemed to a maximum value of $100 each, and Cabarita Beach SLSC is accepting these to help offset membership fees.
    • If you would like to use an Active Kids voucher you should download the details before proceeding further with this Cabarita Beach Nippers registration process.
  • New, Existing or Returning Nippers
    • Under 6 & Under 7 Nipper Fee – $100 per Nipper
    • Under 8 – Under 14 Nipper Fee – $130 per Nipper
    • Includes Registration Fee
    • Includes Nipper cap (new Nippers only) – Note that your Nipper Cap colour will remain the same for each year you are in Nippers.
    • Does not include Nipper Rash Vest/Shirt
    • If you require an additional Nipper Cap or Nipper Rash vests then a separate fee is applicable. We will be selling these at the Pool Proficiency Day on the 30th October at the Kingscliff TRAC Pool as well as on the first day of Nippers from 8am 31th October at the Club
    • Before following the registration instructions there are a few resources that you should first avail yourself of:
      • The SLS Members Area User Guide is available online and also in soft copy to download here.
      • This is the definitive guide to using the SLS Members Portal. If you cannot find the information needed then further assistance can be found at
      • This guide will help you whether you need to create a portal account, have a portal account already or are joining for the first time!
    • All Cabarita Beach SLSC members need an individual, up-to-date SLS membership account; which includes requiring separate accounts for each child and each parent/guardian club member:
    • If you have any questions, please email or


  • Online registrations are now open
  • We start on the 10th October 2021 & go through until 19th December 2021 when we break for the Christmas holidays recommencing 16th January 2022 & end 13th March 2022.
  • Start time is 8.45am (7.45am if your Age Group is rostered on Beach Set Up & BBQ) & finish approx. 11am
  • We start on the 10th October 2021 & go through until 19th December 2021 when we break for the Christmas holidays recommencing 16th January 2022 & end 13th March 2022.
  • No, you must be present on the beach throughout the Nippers session. As much as we have safety precautions and qualified volunteers in place, this is an unpredictable aquatic environment and no one has eyes for your child as much as you do.
  • Refer Age Reference Chart.
  • We also accept Active Kids vouchers towards Nipper registration fees
  • If your child has a medical condition or disability that you would like the club to be aware of, please contact our Junior Activities Coordinator so a plan can be worked out to ensure your child gets the most out of their nippers experience.

• Pool Swim Evaluation

All nippers must complete pool swim evaluation. If you are in swimming lessons your certified swim coach can sign this off, please find form on the ‘Quick Download’ link below.
If you are not in swimming lessons, you will need to contact one of the local pools to see if you can book in to get this done. We will also be holding 2 Pool Proficiency day at Kingscliff TRAC Pool on Sunday 19th September. We encourage parents to get the forms completed prior to these dates so as to limit numbers of people at the pool.

• Ocean Swim Evaluation

All nippers from Under 9’s & above are also required to complete an ocean swim proficiency if they plan on competing at Carnivals. Ocean swim proficiency’s will be on the first few weekends of Nippers & run throughout the season.
All Nippers: you must have completed your pool evaluation and paid your membership fees before you head to the beach. No exceptions. You also must bring your pink rashie/singlet and nipper cap
  • You must liaise with the Junior Activities Coordinator and a special plan can be worked out to ensure the safety of all parties involved.
  • Unfortunately not.  Nippers must be in their correct age group.  This is a Surf Life Saving requirement
  • High Vis Pink Rashie, Nipper Cap, Swimmers (club swimmers are only required for carnivals but are for sale at our Uniform Shop to any nipper), Towel, Water Bottle, Sunscreen, Goggles (optional)
  • No. As long as a responsible caregiver stays on the beach throughout nippers, the member does not have to be present. However, we do encourage families to join together to be part of the club environment.